In League of Maidens you can share your creations with other players

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League of Maidens may be all about destruction, but before that you have to create your War Maiden by using the character creation system included. This one seems like it's going to offer some depth as it allows players to customize many facets of the maiden. After you've created your character you can share it with other players through two different yet very simple systems: one of them is just a matter of exporting a file for other players to import, while the second way is to export the blueprint text and share it.

For example, the blueprint text will give you details such as F_Cheek Height:45 or B_Breast Size:100 (yes, breast customization is a thing), and all you have to do is replicate these values when you're creating the maiden. You can check a blueprint text example here.

League of Maidens enters its private alpha on April 28, 2017. Check the latest League of Maidens trailer for some sexy destruction.


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