The angels are back in League of Angels 3, now in PC open beta

League of Angels 3 open beta

Out of the blue, GTArcade has announced that League of Angels 3 is now in open beta on PC. The second sequel in the very popular series, like it or not, League of Angels 3 is going full 3D but should sport the same gameplay that made the two previous titles very popular.

In this game you have to recruit angels to battle evil dragons, with plenty of mounts and wings as usual in these browser games. Combat is mostly a matter of using the best heroes and placing them in an effective formation – the cast includes “legendary DPS hero Mikaela, the super cool DEF hero Silvia, the healing hero Joanna, and the essential Support Wendy.” Player characters aren't locked to a particular class, instead being determined by the weapon they carry, thanks to the new Divine Arma System. A PvP arena is also a part of League of Angels 3, along with guild competition in Mine Wars.

So far, only a short teaser was released, but we'll have our League of Angels 3 first look gameplay video soon, so stay tuned. You can play the game for free right now.

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