League of Maidens gameplay video shows Desert stage, mounts incoming

League of Maidens gameplay

A new League of Maidens gameplay video was revealed and this time the developers are having fun playing with the community. While the access to this sexy action game is currently very limited, the team is slowly inviting new players through giveaways. The gameplay seen in the video below is from the 1.1.8a build and this marks an important evolution. League of Maidens is now at its best concerning build performance and stability, with zero reports of crashes and a significant improvement to frame rate.

Maiden Gaming shared some of its future plans with us. One unexpected surprise is the addition of pets and mounts, including horses and tigers. For this kind of arena brawler, it wasn't a feature you would expect, but it's nice to see they're going to this extent. Furthermore, a second League of Maidens gameplay mode is in the works and should be added after pets and mounts.

League of Maidens is a sexy and adult game that isn't shy about it, but it's not designed to gratuitously shock players. Sure, you have some scantily-clad models, but also furious and challenging gameplay as the core of the game. Remember, it's all about inner beauty, not just about voluptuous, barely dressed ladies fighting each other. Just make sure your wife isn't in the room while you're playing it.

Anyway, we're digressing. Follow League of Maidens if you want to keep up to date with this game.

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