Legacy of the Hongmoon brings Battle Royale to Blade & Soul

Battle Royale Blade Soul

Because it had to be done. Battle Royale is making an appearance in Blade & Soul with the upcoming Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update, set to release on March 13. The update brings class specializations – or awakenings, if you will -, among other things.

The Shackled Isles is a limited-time Battle Royale event where 20 players will have to martial arts the heck out of each other until there is only one left standing. But you'll have to beware of other things such as random boss spawns or the inevitable shrinking circle, in this case the Dark Chi corruption.

This event is only available for players of at least level 55 and it is open for one hour, starting at 12:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, and 23:00 (server time).


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