Legends of Equestria is a free My Little Pony MMORPG coming soon

Legends of Equestria My Little Pony MMORPG

Legends of Equestria is a free-to-play MMORPG that has been in the works for over five years by a community of volunteers. Based on the popular My Little Pony (MLP) franchise, Legends of Equestria wants players to socialize and adventure in a colorful, safe world.

Seeing that this My Little Pony MMORPG is a fan project and not affiliated with Hasbro, we're not completely sure just how it will hold its own if the copyright owner decides to shut it down. Anywa, the developers have announced an Open Access Release for August 19, which means that the game will be fully available for everyone to play, forever. Best of all, there won't be any profit coming from it, as no premium access or downloadable content is expected – you download the game and play it in its entirety. Probably a clever move to avoid it being shut down, and also great altogether for players, both parents and children. The team won't stop working with this Early Access kind of release, as they want to keep adding more content such as new storylines and zones.

Legends of Equestria is a relaxing MMORPG where you can choose a skill set – magic, herbalism, mining, cooking, partying, and more – and there will be combat, but it won't contain gratuitous violence – you can expect weapons such as apples, cakes, pies, and horseshoes. You won't be able to upload your cutie mark as it would make moderation a nightmare, and you won't be able to have your own house. However, there are many customization options including mane and tail styles and colors, race, gender, color, eye color, accessories, and cutie marks.

Here is a trailer for Legends of Equestria that should give you a good idea about the game. You can check the official website for more details and even see the open positions in case you want to contribute to the project.


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