Lineage Eternal: simultaneous global release announced

It seems that Korean studios are finally taking notice of the Western markets. First it was Smilegate announcing a worldwide release for Lost Ark, now it's NCsoft doing the same with the highly anticipated Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance. We're not just getting Lineage Eternal, it will be a simultaneous release with the Korean version, as well including multiplatform support (PC and Mobile).

NCsoft is working on a system that won't need a Korean account to play their games anymore; instead, linking a Facebook or Google Plus account should do the trick. Lineage Eternal is also expected to support cloud gaming.

Steparu has a lot of new info on Lineage Eternal: this is an open world MMORPG with a hack and slash feel and it supports a few hundred players in some areas, so it's not just confined to dungeon crawling. The skill activation system introduced a few years ago still remains (using mouse gestures), but now there's also a hotbar. There are dynamic event quests similar to Guild Wars 2 to stray a bit away from the generic quest system (where you get a quest from an NPC). PvP is included, as well as a randomized dungeon system and huge bosses that require large parties to take down.

Now for the bad news: the first Lineage Eternal closed beta is scheduled for the first half of 2015, with a final release in 2016 or even later. Here is the G-Star 2014 trailer and the randomized dungeons trailer.

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