Lineage Eternal teaser trailer is preparing us for the big reveal

We finally have some big news on Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance, one of the big MMORPGs coming from the giant Korean developer NCSoft. They're already teasing us with a short clip from a full trailer that should be revealed soon, probably on November 10, 2016, as that is the date that is displayed at the official page.

What we don't know is if this date is just for the reveal of the full trailer or if there will be some sort of announcement concerning the upcoming closed beta and registrations, which was rumored to begin precisely in November, maybe December, but late 2016 was definitely a plan. The first beta will surely be restricted to Korean players and very limited, and while there was some talk about a simultaneous global launch, it seems that the representative that said that bit a lot more than he could chew, so you can forget about it.


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