Lineage Eternal switches to Unreal Engine 4, delayed considerably

Lineage Eternal unreal engine 4

If you're eagerly anticipating Lineage Eternal, then brace yourselves: delay is coming. It's not the usual matter of polishing or missed milestones, but a more drastic matter – NCsoft is switching engines. Previously running on the Guild Wars engine, the new chapter from the Lineage series is now adopting the ever-popular Unreal Engine 4, the latest creation from Epic Games, developer of Fortnite and Paragon. This engine is also widely used in mobile games. This move, as reported by Steparu, is aimed at improving the graphic quality.

While Lineage Eternal's delay could be a problem in normal circumstances, the astonishing success of Lineage M will work as the perfect “bridge” for fans of the Lineage series. NCsoft is also working on Guild Wars 2 mobile but not quite sure if they'll continue with the project.

The first time we heard about Lineage Eternal was… *scratches head… 2011! Several years have passed and all we had was one Korean closed beta late 2016. Don't hold your breath for the new, upgraded Lineage Eternal.

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