Living the life inside Twin Saga’s Terracottage

The Terracottage is a mobile player house in the upcoming anime MMORPG Twin Saga, from Aeria Games and X-Legend Entertainment, makers of Dragomon Hunter and Aura Kingdom. A new trailer shows us what you can expect inside this innovative concept of player housing. You can fully customize the main floor with collectible furniture and place the wallpaper that you prefer, as well as acting as the place where visiting friends can stay for a while and jointly open up a community chest that offers loot for all.

The other floors include a Workshop and Greenhouse with six professions to work on, growing plants and crafting items including potions, food, gear and furniture. Inside the Terracottage is also a player’s Senshi (battle companions) and some NPCs who will frequently offer quests.

The Twin Saga beta is planned for later this year and you can sign up at the official website. A trailer showing the ten available classes was recently released.

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