Lost Ark details your adventure in anticipation for open beta

Lost Ark details open beta

The exciting announcement of the Korean Lost Ark open beta didn't go unnoticed all over the world. A new blog post highlights this and serves as an introduction to the Lost Ark world to new players.

This is quite a long overview of Lost Ark and takes you through most of the game's mechanics, including character creation, the tripod system, activities such as fishing and mining, sailing and cinematic dungeons. There is a lot to see and despite being in Korean, this is nothing that a decent translator won't be able to help you with.

It all starts with the choice of your base class from the four available (Warrior, Fighter, Hunter, and Magician) and the subclass (Bard in this case, a subclass from the Magician, with the other two being Summoner and Arcana). I don't think I need to remind you how pretty Lost Ark is, but the following image from the character creation should be enough for now.

Lost Ark details open beta character creation

During the prologue, each one of the four classes will have a separate story, starting their adventures on their own continents. When you are done with the prologue and the real adventure begins, the world map will give you plenty of quests (signaled with the usual exclamation mark). Soon you will be learning how to use and customize your Tripod skills and your Identity skill (a special skill that is unique to each class).

The post goes on to describe the mounts, which are only available in some areas, and the additional content such as fishing, mining and gathering. Give it a read if you want to learn more, including things about the cinematic dungeons, sailing (and stumbling upon ghost ships), and more, but sadly nothing about an English release yet. It all ends with a new song from the Lost Ark soundtrack: Dawn of Arkrasia.

Lost Ark details open beta

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