Mabinogi II: Arena development stopped, game may be revisited

If you were expecting Mabinogi II: Arena – we admit it, we were attracted to its relentless action gameplay filled with combos and some weird, innovative spectating ideas – then you’re out of luck. Nsquare, the team formed from Nexon and NCsoft staff, just revealed that the development is stopped and they will move on to other projects. Those projects are MapleStory 2 and there are also rumors of an Unreal Engine 4-powered online shooter, as well as anything else the studio may have under wraps.

Mabinogi II: Arena saw mixed reactions since it was revealed. Although not a direct sequel to the popular open world free MMORPG Mabinogi: Fantasy Life, some saw the new dungeon crawler approach as entirely unrelated to the original game. Closer to Vindictus (aka Mabinogi Heroes) than Mabinogi itself, there was a lot of confusion surrounding this game.

Nsquare said that development stopped due to the current market situation, which probably means the studio noticed the confusion the game was seeing. The team said they will revisit the game in the future, but there’s no guarantee if this could happen in a couple of years or… well, never.

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