Mabinogi’s new content update brings Chain Slash talent

mabinogi chain slash

Classic MMORPG Mabinogi is getting its first Talent update since July 2014, something that its faithful player base is surely going to enjoy.

The new talent, Chain Slash, allows players to wield their new Chain Blade weapon, consuming dark energy from fallen enemies to unleash devastating attacks. Chain Slash features 10 new skills for players to crush, slice and more. The Chain Blade comes in several deadly categorizations, including Celtic Howling, Cutthroat, Stinger and Cardinal.

This new Mabinogi update also includes the new Baltane Mission, where you have to protect the Avalon Gate alongside the Baltane Squires, and new systems, Dorcha and Bachram. These systems allow players to gather dark energy Dorcha by attacking enemies, and Bachram is gathered by player parties to increase the team's power, enabling cooldown resets, full recovery of health, mana and stamina, and unlimited use of Chain Slash skills.

Check the new Chain Slash trailers below.


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