Mad World MMORPG shows some of its suits of armor

Mad World MMORPG armor

Jandisoft has released a new Mad World video focusing on the armor side of things. Obviously, you will begin your adventure dressed with some rags, but soon enough you should have some nice armor that actually – gasp! – protects you!

It's nice to see that every part of the armor and other gear that you wear is visible on your in-game character. We wouldn't expect anything less in this day and age, but some MMORPGs fail to realize that these are the details that make or break a game.

Mad World is a HTML5 MMORPG that you can play on PC and mobile, being cross-platform and allowing over 10,000 players on the same server. It is expected to enter some kind of beta during early 2019, but this was initially planned for a late 2018 test. Hopefully it won't take long now.


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