MapleStory 2 closed beta is live with several events

MapleStory 2 closed beta start

The MapleStory 2 global closed beta has just begun and I will start with the bad news: heavy traffic has led to issues with the Nexon launcher and logging into the game, but that seems to be fixed.

The good news is exactly that – heavy traffic! That means many players are interested in MapleStory 2 and hopefully will offer Nexon plenty of feedback to improve the game where it needs improving.

Since it's a week-long closed beta, Nexon is letting players have some fun with MapleStory 2, making possible some aspects that will be changed when the game is fully released. For example, you get all the housing blocks and UGC templates for free, which means that you can have a lot of fun building your house, but they won't be free after the official launch. The level cap for the closed beta is level 50, while the maximum enchanting level is level 9. When the closed beta ends, you can expect a wipe to destroy everything you worked for and provide a fresh start for players with the official release.

There are plenty of MapleStory 2 events just round the corner, including attendance events, level achievement events and pet fishing events. Yes, apparently you can fish pets such as penguins, cats or chicks.

It's worth mentioning that controller support was added for this beta, in case you prefer this control system. Here is the closed beta schedule once again:

• PDT (UTC -7): 10:00 AM May 9th – 10:00 AM May 16th
• EDT (UTC -4): 1:00 PM May 9th – 1:00 PM May 16th
• CEST (UTC +2): 7:00 PM May 9th – 7:00 PM May 16th
• AEST (UTC +10): 3:00 AM May 10th – 3:00 AM May 17th

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