MapleStory 2 enters Korean open beta in July

MapleStory 2 global service closure

With the final closed beta test for MapleStory 2 now over, Nexon has announced that the Korean open beta is going to begin in July 2015. This game has received a lot of good feedback from beta players, proof that the risks developer Nsquare took by making MapleStory 2 isometric and cube-based are actually paying off. Good news for all of us!

MapleStory 2 is a game for all ages, despite the chibi characters and the overall sweetness overdose that the visuals can give to anyone. One of the coolest things about this game is the character customization, with the ability to create outfits, something that will no doubt please the virtual cosplayers, who will certainly recreate their favorite characters in the game. But with in-depth housing, plenty of minigames and some good old hack and slash action, MapleStory 2 is bound to be a great playground for anyone.

While we haven't heard anything about a western release for about a year, one of the oldest MapleStory 2 press releases mentioned a worldwide release, so here's hoping that it is still on track.


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