MapleStory 2 is finally coming to North America, job offer suggests

MapleStory 2 English

Is it finally happening? While everyone in South Korea is already having fun with MapleStory 2 for a while now, the rumored western launch never seemed to materialize… until now. There's nothing official yet, but a new job offer from Nexon suggests that MapleStory 2 is really coming to North America, probably during 2017. The offer asks for a Production Manager for MapleStory 2 for Nexon's El Segundo, California office, which in itself leaves very little room for doubt.

While MapleStory 2 isn't close to the huge success that the first game managed – very few games are, in fact -, it's still a fun, cheerful sequel that tried to go for a different path and has plenty to do: minigames, custom housing, fighting, plenty of customization options…

We'll let you know about any developments on this, but it could be months before Nexon makes an official statement about MapleStory 2. In the meantime, you could always kill some time with some awesome MapleStory 2 cosplay: Soulbinder, Ophelia and Velma.

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