MapleStory 2 “player numbers growing very fast”, lots of bots

MapleStory 2 player numbers growing very fast

MapleStory 2 is currently in its headstart phase, with the official launch planned for tomorrow, October 10, and Nexon has revealed some details about the state of the game. This includes player numbers (in a somewhat vague kind of way) and problems with Meso sellers, bot accounts (“lots”, Nexon says) that are trying to sell you MapleStory 2 in-game currency.

Obviously, don't fall for this as you will surely be banned from the game: “PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH MESO SELLERS.” Now that is quite the warning, you can't say that you didn't get the memo.

To prevent this gold farmers and spam problem, Nexon has temporarily disabled the mailbox feature so that players aren't flooded with mail spam. Meso trades will also be limited to players with a level 50 character, which means that hopefully those bots won't be clever enough to trick this system as well. Finally, World Chat is also going to have some restrictions at earlier levels.

As for current player numbers, the info is more vague, with Nexon mentioning that there is “a much bigger community on Nexon Launcher”, but that Steam is finally catching up in a fast pace. The concurrent player count is increasing everyday, with players constantly coming back to the game, a sign that MapleStory 2 has – for now – some charm to it. We'll see if it manages to keep players around for weeks and months.

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