MapleStory 2 second closed beta adds world quests

maplestory 2 world quests

MapleStory 2 producer LIME detailed some of the plans for the upcoming second closed beta, in a new Producer Blog post. The focus is on quests and controls.

The highlight is the addition of world quests, additional quests that players can select to gain some extra experience points by doing things such as helping NPCs. But the upcoming beta is getting more than 160 new quests of diverse styles: defeating monsters, playing hide and seek, finding shoes for fairies and more. Some of those are pretty specific, don't you agree?

Controls are one of the major concerns at the moment, based on player feedback from the first MapleStory 2 beta. Climbing ladders with the mouse, for example, was somewhat clunky, and this is now fixed – a simple click of the mouse will make your character climb the ladder.

Sadly, there is no beta date yet in this Producer Blog post, but LIME promises that next week will get us more info on what is to come.

maplestory 2 world quests

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