MapleStory ends 2017 with a bang and several updates

There will be no shortage of new content for MapleStory during the last couple of months of this year. It's not one or two, but four updates that are seeing their way to release.

The first update is called Nova: Liberation of Cadena and releases on November 29. It comes with the new playable character Cadena, unlocks 5th job skills and the new Spirit Savior Daily Dungeon. On December 14 we get Nova: Winter Bard, an expansion that adds a brand-new story in episode 4, Winter Bard, and a couple of new events.

Now we're on December 20 with the release of the Nova: Brilliance of Illium update. There's a new playable character called Illium, and he is the highlight of the update. Finally, we'll step into 2018 with the January 3 update called Nova: Morass. This update brings a new area called Morass, but please try not to laugh and make fun like a pre-teen at the name. It tells the following: “Explore the depths of Arcane River to new area, Morass. The Swamp of Memory takes on the appearance from the memories of those who entered it, but has been overwhelmed by the mysterious Tana.”

Plenty to look forward to if you have one of the 274 million characters created to date, or if you want to start playing MapleStory.

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