Master X Master closed beta live, reveals Founder’s Packs

With the Master X Master closed beta now live since yesterday and running until April 27 (you can sign up here for a chance to get a beta key), NCSoft has revealed the Founder's Packs that you can purchase to receive some bonus and, obviously, more masters.

The packs come in the usual three tiers: Recruit Pack ($19,99), Soldier Pack ($59,99) and Master Pack ($99,99). The cheapest pack gives you four masters (Cagnazzo, Taejin, Innowin, Demenos), two skins and one title; the Soldier pack gets you all the Recruit Pack content plus four masters (Jinsoyun, Sonid, Vita, Ignuma) making eight in total, one more skin and a starter pack with some items and boosters; finally, the Master Pack gives you all the content from the other two packs plus seven masters (Statesman, Vonak, Lilu, Maia, Jingtai, Nedien, Moro) making 15 in total, more skins and the MXM digital soundtrack. You can check all the details here.

Master X Master is a MOBA, but more than that – it's a polished action RPG with some popular characters from NCSoft's franchises such as Lineage, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Blade & Soul, WildStar or City of Heroes, and is a helluva fun to play.

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