Master X Master: NCsoft’s MOBA with Blade & Soul, Aion characters

Master X Master plans

Besides Lineage Eternal, NCsoft is working on a new online action RPG that was previously known as Metal Black: Alternative. However, today the game was reintroduced as Master X Master and is a mix between a MOBA and an action shooter. The highlight of the game is the roster, comprised of new characters but also of faces that you've seen from popular NCsoft franchises, including Blade and Soul, Aion and Lineage. Players will be able to pick two characters and switch between them during a match.

There's a story to the game that is very straightforward: aliens invaded earth and humans have to step up and defend the planet. Players act as the Master and will enter PvP and PvE modes. The closed beta is scheduled to begin October 2nd and end October 9th. The announcement trailer is below and the official website is here.


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