Not a zero: Xero is coming soon to Master X Master

Master X Master Xero

There's a new Master coming soon to NCSoft's action RPG and MOBA hybrid Master X Master. This one is called Xero and will join the roster on October 18.

As far as our video game knowledge goes, Xero is an original character and not one that has spawned in a previous NCSoft title. While Master X Master includes special guests from franchises such as Blade and Soul, Guild Wars, Aion, Lineage or WildStar, among others, it stirs things up with original creations.

Xero is a control-heavy assault Master and he seems perfect for controlling large mobs. He has low cooldowns and deals high damage, although his mana bar doesn't last long. All in all, Xero is a great manipulator and capable of leading his targets into difficult situations.

Watch him in action below, with his black and grey style and a cool green mask.


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