Minimum returns with Human Head and Atari

Minimum, the now-it’s-here-now-it’s-not free-to-play shooter announced back in April 2013 is back and surprisingly about to launch. This blocky shooter from the now-defunct TimeGate Studios was rescued by Human Head Studios with the help of Atari and is going to be released on PC this spring through Steam Early Access. The official website is right here.

Minimum features five-on-five third-person shooter action but adds crafting to the mix, as well as MOBA elements. Resource gathering, as well as armor and weapon blueprints are all part of the gameplay. The most interesting part is the Titan that each team has at its disposal, a huge robot that is powered by your team’s creep farming abilities.

Human Head is the studio that was developing Prey 2 for Bethesda after allegedly leaving the project because it wasn’t up to the required standards.

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