MMORG Arcfall leaves Early Access and goes free-to-play soon

mmorpg arcfall free

If you're not familiar with Arcfall, that's OK, as I have to admit that I didn't think twice about this MMORPG. Why? Because it wasn't supposed to be free-to-play from the beginning, as this quote shows:

“The pricing on the game might change dependent on the amount of content we add. As this is the first version, it will include all the base content. As we plan to sell different DLC's, which will open up different races and continents, we don't intend to increase it much.”

And so, Neojac Entertainment is about to release the next Arcfall update on April 6 and introduce the free-to-play business model. Apparently this was a recent decision, and the team bluntly says that “because it already has an item store, it will not change any of the core design but will allow more players to enjoy the game.” Hmmm, could this actually mean that other games that were designed as free-to-play with cash shops didn't really see any major changes to justify their asking price in the first place? You decide.

Arcfall is a sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy world and it has this old-school look that may not suit everyone's taste. Current Steam reviews point to a ‘mixed' rating of 63%, but if you take a closer look at Steam Charts, the Arcfall player base is… well… below Otherland standard, if you know what I mean. A free-to-play switch seems more like a necessity than a simple whim. The game does have a few things going for it, such as non-instanced housing and a player-driven economy.

Give it a go if you like its old-school charm and let me know if it's a good one.

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