Sci-Fi MOBA Beyond the Void official release coming on October 24

MOBA Beyond the Void official release

B2Expand's sci-fi MOBA Beyond the Void is exiting Early Access and launching into full release on October 24, 2018. This will make around a full year that this game was in Early Access.

Beyond the Void is a free-to-play competitive game and a hybrid of MOBA and RTS elements. Matches are played 1 versus 1 and there are several spaceships to choose from and create a powerful fleet, as well as a mothership to select. A quick look at Steam Charts – yes, we are used to it, we know – shows a game with a depressingly low player base, even if Early Access was already free-to-play. It doesn't seem likely that the official launch will improve these numbers, considering that this is a niche game, but who knows?

If you want to check Beyond the Void, head over to its Steam page.

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