Monster Hunter Online: Tencent is open to an English patch

So, Monster Hunter Online is now about to enter open beta in December 17, but as you probably know already, this is a China exclusive game. However, there's no IP block for now so you can try the game if you happen to find a detailed guide showing you how to. But what about an English version, something that is yet unannounced but would make so many players happy?

Well, according to Steparu, Tencent still hasn't plans on English localization, but is open to it. What we mean is that the China giant seems open to it, but it would be a free project and those involved would have to work closely with the studio.

It's not the best news but there's clearly a glimpse of hope for Monster Hunter Online, although most likely thanks to fan projects, something that isn't that uncommon, as Phantasy Star Online 2 players know all too well.

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