Mordor is coming to Lord of the Rings Online with update 21

Lord of the Rings Online Mordor

The long awaited Mordor is finally coming to Lord of the Rings Online with update 21, the next big content update. Standing Stone Games, who took charge of this MMORPG from Turbine Studios has revealed Mordor during a recent livestream.

Update 21 will raise the level cap to 115 (from the previous 105), brings the new high elves race, and a few things more. The highlight is obviously the new region, and the several new zones such as Dor Amarth, Udûn, Cirith Ungol or Barad-Dûr. You can watch some of them right below, after the official livestream, captured by a fan named Andang from the LOTRO beta server. Every little detail you need to know about the Mordor update can be read here.


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