MU Fairy Elf PVC figure available for pre-order, looks amazing

MU Fairy Elf PVC figure

If there's some type of merchandise that I've spent more money than I should have, it's game figures. It's not by accident either; the intricate design that the best figures boast make them exciting targets for any kind of gaming addict.

Webzen has just revealed the MU Fairy Elf PVC figure created in collaboration with Vertex. This 1/7 scale figure from MU Online's Fairy Elf is approximately 350mm and is made of ABS and PVC materials. Vertex has used digital sculpting to achieve the result that you can see below. It's impressive, with the elf's beautiful blue wings standing out proudly.

The figure is now available for pre-order from AmiAmi, a shop that operates in Japan for over 20 years. The current price is ¥29,800 (roughly $278 USD) and orders are delivered worldwide.

You can pre-order the figure until November 25, 2019, with a scheduled shipping date of April 2020.

If you have some money burning a hole in your pockets, feel free to send this Fairy Elf my way. I'll be forever thankful.

MU Fairy Elf PVC figure


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