MU Legend gets Founder’s Packs, stress test was a success

MU Legend Founder's Packs

With the ending of a successful stress test, Webzen is quick to thank players for their participation. The team will now work on the data that was collected and put the finishing touches for the MU Legend open beta, starting on November 7, 2017. Stability and endurance of the servers are key factors.

As it happens with most free-to-play games, MU Legend is also selling Founder's Packs for players who wish to jump in with some extra items. Called Frontier Packs, they come in three flavors and are available for a limited time only, until the start of the open beta. The packs include collector's wings, exclusive mounts, unique pets and special titles.

MU Legend's team at WEBZEN Dublin commented: “Our artists have given special attention to the all the Frontier Packs' items: From their aesthetic features to their animation, they are among the most beautiful items we have ever seen in the game! We put these packs together with the desire to provide special memories to players of the MU franchise.”

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