Naruto Saga closed beta goes live today

As previously announced, the Naruto Saga closed beta begins today, IceGames just confirmed. The Naruto Saga closed beta test will begin at 9:00pm (4:00pm GMT), to run for six days until October 29th, 11:59pm (6:59pm GMT).

Naruto Saga is a free browser MMORPG based on the popular Naruto anime and featuring quests and combat inspired by the series. The player explores the colorful game world in an isometric view and accomplishes quests, most of them requiring battling one or more characters. The turn-based combat system is similar in style to the King of Fighters or Street Fighter games but players will have to choose the right skills (which use Chakra) to defeat the enemies. With up to 3 fighters in each team, battles are tactical as well as captivating, with plenty of transformations and special effects.

To get a chance to play the Naruto Saga beta sign up at the official website. We'll have our Naruto Saga first look gameplay video really soon, so keep an eye out!

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