Naruto Slugfest gameplay trailers show a colorful ninja adventure

Naruto Slugfest gameplay

Gamesamba has released a series of new Naruto Slugfest gameplay trailers, showcasing the colorful mobile MMORPG. Described as the first open world Naruto mobile MMORPG, this game aims to be faithful to the Naruto Shippuden legacy, placing you as one ninja with a mission, with the help of famous faces from the anime.

Naruto Slugfest doesn't seem to lack humor, as some of the trailers reveal, such as the Ichiraku Ramen one. Apart from that, it's a flurry of combos, tree climbing and building jumping, things that are very much in tune with what Naruto fans would expect.

You can choose from four Naruto Slugfest classes: Thunder Assassin, Blazing Lotus, Earth Keeper, and Wind Shooter. The initial press blurb mentioned other names (Berserker, Geisha, Archer, and Assassin), so perhaps these are alternative aliases, or something has changed in the meantime. Team battles and guild missions are planned, fueled by a combat system that isn't shy on cool moves and visual effects.

Currently, the Naruto Slugfest release is only planned for SEA territories, where a closed beta recently took place. It's unknown if Gamesamba is planning on releasing the game in other regions, but it seems very likely to happen, considering the installed fanbase. If you're wondering about a Naruto Slugfest PC version, this doesn't seem to be in development, but you can always download the apk when available and use an Android emulator.

Watch a few of the new Naruto Slugfest gameplay trailers below, with many more on the official YouTube channel.

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