Naruto Slugfest Release Date | When is the Naruto MMORPG releasing?

Naruto Slugfest Release Date

GameSamba is developing an official open world 3D MMORPG called Naruto Slugfest. In development for Android and iOS devices but looking really good, a Naruto Slugfest release date is what we need to know right now. Besides, you can always enjoy Naruto Slugfest PC gameplay by resorting to an Android emulator.

Naruto Slugfest Release Date | When is Naruto Slugfest releasing?

The official announcement was made  in August 2019, but there was a very secretive test in April, exclusive to the Philippines. Unlike other free-to-play Naruto games that go for a simpler visual approach, usually by means of an isometric or side-scrolling perspective, this game is going to be in full 3D glory.

Publisher Cubinet has acquired the Naruto Slugfest rights for SEA territories. This grants them the right to release the game in regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Philippines, India, and a few more. The Naruto Slugfest closed beta is scheduled for January 2020 and it should include English language as well. The official site of the Naruto Slugfest 3D MMORPG is live. Here are the known Naruto Slugfest release dates:

  • SEA: January 3, 2020 closed beta
  • Global launch: Spring 2020 (North America, South, America, Europe)

The Naruto Slugfest English release date is what interests us the most. GameSamba usually releases its games globally, and considering that many players are itching to try this Naruto MMORPG, it was likely to happen.

Naruto Slugfest Release Date

Furthermore, the original press release mentioned that “the game will be released in multiple languages, allowing players around the world to enjoy all that Naruto and Naruto Shippuden offer.” This is telling of the plans to have a Naruto Slugfest English release, a wise move seeing that the anime has fans all over the world.

By early March 2020, the Naruto Slugfest global release date was officially revealed to the world by new publisher Mars Games. You can expect it to launch in North America, South America, and European regions during spring 2020.

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