Stunning mobile 3D Naruto Slugfest MMORPG revealed by Gamesamba

Naruto Slugfest MMORPG

It's about time that someone put the Naruto license to great use. The Naruto Slugfest MMORPG was just revealed by GameSamba and described as the first mobile 3D MMOARPG based on the anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. This is an official game, licensed from the holders Shueisha, TV Tokyo and Studio Pierrot.

Earlier in April, Naruto Slugfest went through a secretive but successful beta test in Philippines. GameSamba took player feedback and improved the game in several areas.

Naruto Slugfest is going to be released in multiple languages and while the press release doesn't mention it, a global release is pretty much a sure thing. Mobile anime games tend to go through worldwide launches, although sometimes this happens in stages.

Yukio Kawasaki, Managing Executive Officer at TV Tokyo, said the following: “We've worked with many licensees, but I'm very excited with this project. Besides, we believe in GameSamba's capacity of making NARUTO SLUGFEST a first-class game.”

Jacky Yung, CEO of GameSamba, had this to say: “Naruto Slugfest is the first ever mobile 3D MMOARPG adapted from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The visual effect of the interface is so vivid and overwhelming that players can tap on the screen to wipe off the raindrops in game. Aside from its amazing graphics, the game allows players to show their shinobi skills in the most intense battles.”

With no official trailer and only a single small screenshot to go, we decided to find some Naruto Slugfest gameplay from the beta test. You can see it below and maybe concede to the fact that the game does look really good. It's a true MMORPG with many activities, the iconic characters from Naruto, and even combat seems on the right path. Personally, I'm somewhat excited for the Naruto Slugfest MMORPG, despite not being the greatest anime fan.

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