NCsoft is working on Aion 2, an Unreal Engine 4 PC/console MMORPG?

Aion 2 PC MMORPG Unreal Engine 4

Now this is interesting. NCsoft seems to be really interested in creating a sequel to the successful PC MMORPG Aion, or at the very least some sort of spiritual sequel. We've had some news that pretty much confirmed the interested in developing Aion 2, but these things take time, as you surely know.

After a long silence, we finally have some new and solid info about Aion 2. A recent job offer by NCsoft is asking for someone to fill an animator position for a new project based on the Aion IP. While the initial hype from these offers usually turn fast into disappointment – “Oh, it's for another mobile game” -, this time it looks like it's the really thing. The game in question is said to be a “next-generation console and PC MMORPG” and runs on the Unreal Engine 4. No mobile in sight, nice!

The lucky chosen must have some awesome skills on 3DS Max to “create character / monster / animation resources for the concept and development environment”.

Are we looking at one of the first signs of a possible resurgence of the MMORPG?

Thanks MMOCulture

Aion 2 PC MMORPG Unreal Engine 4

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