NCsoft: Blade & Soul and Aion doing great, WildStar in trouble

Blade and Soul 2

NCsoft‘s first quarter financial report is out and so are the details on the revenue that some of the studio's biggest names are bringing in. While Lineage is still raking in the big bucks and both Guild Wars 2 and Aion are doing nicely for themselves, it's Blade and Soul that steals all the attention thanks to the western launch in January 2016.

On the other hand, Carbine Studio's WildStar isn't in great shape, with the numbers for Q1 2016 being even lower than all of the 2015 quarters. The upcoming Steam release could give it the boost that it so desperately needs, and while it seems unfair to see such a quality MMO not getting the attention it deserves, the recurrent layoffs probably made a lot of involuntary damage to the game.

Here's the NCsoft chart so you can make a better picture of the games and respective revenue.


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