NetEase’s MMORPG Justice enters Chinese beta in July

justice online

NetEase has a few MMORPGs going on, from the soon-to-be-released-in-the-west Revelation Online to the action of Twilight Spirits and the latest one is Justice, apparently the English title for Treacherous Waters. Now we learned that the martial arts MMORPG Justice is entering its first closed beta in China in July.

This beta will feature seven playable classes and the storyline up to level 60. It seems that there's some interesting depth to the interaction with NPCs, with the option to date some of them, and you can even run your own business in cities. One big question mark is the anytime-anywhere PvP, with no safe zones available in the game, according to 2P. We'll see how that goes, but we don't think that this will be welcomed by all players.

With a proper, official English title, Justice should be coming to North America and Europe, but there's no announcement so far.

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