Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice is now available on PC

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Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice is not only running for the prize of the longest title ever, it's also available as of today on PC, Perfect World has confirmed. The latest update to the Storm King’s Thunder expansion introduces an all-new adventure zone, fishing mini game, artifact weaponry, new means of travel (the Khyek), treasure hunting, and the new level 70 trial Assault on Svardborg.

“Picking up where Storm King’s Thunder ended, the Sea of Moving Ice update sends players to overcome the formidable defenses of Jarl Storvald, who threatens to blanket the lands in permafrost with the Ring of Winter’s awesome power. Players must navigate the treacherous and heavily-guarded seas surrounding Svardborg to gather support for the battle ahead. Along the way, they’ll be able try their luck at an updated fishing system, hunt for bottles filled with treasure maps and uncover lost relics to earn powerful artifact weapons.”

Storm King’s Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early in 2017.






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