Neverwinter’s Uprising update announced, brings new playable Gith Race

Neverwinter Uprising Gith Race

Great struggles are coming to Neverwinter as Perfect World announces the 17th module for the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. Uprising is coming to PC on August 13 and consoles at a later date.

Uprising brings the new playable race of the Gith. This humanoid creatures of pale yellow skin are psionic warriors who are entangled in a conflict with the Illithid. They are seeking retribution by intruding on the Halaster Blackcloak’s lair of Undermountain, culminating in a 10-player Endgame Trial where they will face the Mad Mage.

The Uprising update also brings a new PvP map, a revamped Protector’s Enclave, a revised Early Game experience and a Fashion system overhaul.

Meet the Gith race in the trailer below.


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