New Dauntless gameplay footage shows hub city, behemoth slaying

Dauntless gameplay footage

Some new Dauntless gameplay footage emerged from a recent European tour by developer Phoenix Labs. Taken from the Dauntless technical alpha, this footage gives us one more short peek at the hub city of Ramsgate, where slayers go to rest, trade and craft. Dauntless has no classes, instead you developed your character based on your armor, weapons and abilities choice. You can also see the UI for loadouts, but this is clearly under construction and will be improved further down the road.

The rest of the video is mostly about fighting a few behemoths. One interesting thing is that these creatures don't have an health bar – instead, you'll have to judge their condition by the wounds that begin to appear on their bodies. For example, you can cut a tail from this pig-dinossaur creature, apparently one behemoth that is yet to be announced.

Take a look at the new footage from YouTubers Erased Citizens below.

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