New free games on Epic Store are Nuclear Throne and Ruiner

New free games Nuclear Throne

Raise your hand if you only have an Epic Games Store account to grab the sweet free games that are released every week… Shame on you, how can you look at yourself in the mirror? Anyway, there are new free games up for grabs, so let's take a look.

Nuclear Throne is a top-down “roguelike-like” shooter from the brilliantly weird folks at Vlambeer. Mutations are the name of the game, as you unlock new abilities and limbs. If you like this genre, I heartily recommend you to play Children of Morta, another pixel-art styled roguelike, but with an amazing story about family ties and bravery.

The other game is another top-down shooter. Ruiner was released in September 2017 and features a gritty, cyber metropolis where you forge your path via the use of devastating weaponry. This is another really cool game if you like your twin-stick shooters.

Grab these games from the Epic Games Store before they go away on November 14. The next free game is The Messenger, a classic action platformer. And once in a while, don't be a cheapskate and actually buy a game, will you?


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