New Gunbound Steam release planned for July, sequel to 2002’s classic

New Gunbound Steam release

If you're a veteran MMO player like me, you surely have heard or even played Gunbound. Softnyx's game released in Korea in 2002 and received a worldwide release a year later. Inspired by Worms, which was in turn inspired by Scorched Earth, this was a fun little game where players fired their mobiles at each other in turn-based battles. Now, in 2020, we're finally getting a direct sequel called New Gunbound, and it is going global. The New Gunbound Steam release is planned for July, but this is due to a delay, as the original release was scheduled for June.

Staying true to its roots, New Gunbound returns with cartoon graphics and bright style. The cute characters bring their upgradeable mobiles, which are the tanks that players use, but this time you can choose to play in turn-based or real-time battles. There are many different map layouts and environments to choose, and your weapons will destroy the terrain.

The New Gunbound Steam release is coming soon, so follow the game on the official page if you like the genre.

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