New Hunter’s Arena: Legends trailer gives you a taste of battle

New Hunter's Arena: Legends trailer

A new Hunter's Arena: Legends trailer created using in-game footage was just released. Developer Mantisco wants to give you a feel for combat in this mix of action MMORPG and battle royale.

Three of the previously revealed characters star in this cinematic. The huge panda, the stunning Mimi with her chain weapon, and another character that we still don't know the name of. Get ready for a massive clash as the three hunters take turns smacking each other, until a bigger foe turns up and their attention is diverted.

Hunter's Arena: Legends looks a lot like Black Desert Online, which is a good thing in our book. However, it's not a fully-fledged MMORPG, despite having experience levels, abilities and over 10,000 monsters per battle.

There is no word on the monetization for this PC exclusive. The alpha test is planned for Q4 2019, so it shouldn't be long before we get our hands on it.


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