New Spellbreak gameplay looks magical, more Founder’s Packs available

New Spellbreak gameplay looks magical

Proletariat has just released a new gameplay video for its upcoming Battle Royale with magic Spellbreak. This is actual pre-alpha gameplay, so what you are seeing is pretty much what you will be getting when the game releases in 2019.

Two new Founder's Packs are now available to purchase, making for a grand total of three. These are available for a limited time and while they aren't exactly cheap, they grant you access to the pre-alpha, among other things. I can also see Spellbreak becoming one of the big names in the Battle Royale genre, so there's that.

Spellbreak's big twist is the magic that players use to eliminate each other. You can combine different spells to create incredible chain reactions, and the visual effects are looking really sweet as well. There is no word on the business model as of yet, but free-to-play could definitely give it a great initial boost.

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