New Warframe is a Bard, you can compose music with it

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

There's a new Warframe coming and she is going to bring the beat! The Bard Warframe is the hi-tech version of the usual bard that we see in traditional MMORPGs and while the official name is yet to be revealed, it should include something like techno-bard or close.

The funny thing about this Warframe – a female, it seems – is that she will have embedded speakers that will pump music and you can even use a 13-step sequencer to create your own tracks and eventually drive other players crazy. We're not sure if this is just an aural thing or if it will have any kind of effect on combat.

Below you can watch a gameplay video as well as another devstream showing the sequencer and a bit of what was surely some fun motion capture.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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