Nexon America and Final Strike Games part ways for Rocket Arena

Nexon Rocket Arena shooter

Nexon America has just announced that it has amicably parted ways with Final Strike Games. Nexon America was handling publishing duties for the cartoon first-person shooter Rocket Arena, but a decision to end the deal was reached.

The outcome was apparently affected by different visions for the future of Rocket Arena. Rocket Arena will now be developed and published by Final Strike Games, including the management of all community and social channels for Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena only had one short closed beta test where we could discover a shooter with potential. The cartoon characters were amazing, the maps were small but stunning and often cleverly designed. However, the game needed a lot of work when it comes to the way that the physics (don't) work – for a game called Rocket Arena, we were expecting to be able to properly rocket jump according to angle and speed, but that didn't happen.

Let's hope that this is just a small setback for a promising shooter.


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