Nexon announces PC version of fantasy MMORPG Project V4

MMORPG Project V4

Nexon has announced that it is porting its upcoming MMORPG Project V4 (Victory 4) to PC. The high-graphics MMORPG is seen as the publisher's current flagship for mobile devices, making this announcement somewhat surprising.

The Korean studio didn't reveal any additional info on this PC port, but the MMORPG Project V4 should launch during 2020. Developer NAT Games isn't saying anything about a global launch, but it would be surprising if such a high-profile game would be kept strictly for the internal market. Furthermore, other recent games from the same developer were released globally, such as Hit and Overhit, lending credence to the idea that V4 is going to appear in North America and Europe.

According to MMOCulture, Project V4 is a game that makes even the best Android emulators on PC sweat to run it, and it won't even run at full graphics settings on mobile phones that aren't of a recent generation. Sounds ambitious, but it would surely be even better if it were designed as a PC exclusive from the get-go.

Watch the MMORPG Project V4 announcement trailer below, along with a previous video that shows you its pretty neat visuals.


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