First raw gameplay video of Nexon’s Ascendant One is out

Ascendant One raw gameplay

If you've grown a bit suspicious of official trailers – and we don't blame you -, then you probably want to see some raw footage before getting properly excited for any game. For example, Nexon's Ascendant One recently had its first official video, but now the developers have released an internal gameplay session, which will give you a much better peek at this PC sci-fi MOBA.

This Ascendant One video will show you things such as the character selection screen and the slick, often shiny futuristic graphics that make for a striking contrast with the nature environments. As for the interface, controls seem to be traditional point and click to move, but maybe there is an option for WASD movement as well. Just don't ask us about the almost nude purple chick that is constantly dancing on the right side of the screen – our Korean is not that good!

Despite all the hate that MOBA games tend to get if they aren't called League of Legends, Dota 2 or SMITE, Ascendant One looks promising and technically sharp. If it's too late for the party… well, that is another issue entirely. The Korean Early Access is planned for the coming months, with no English release announced yet.

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