Nexon just announced the MapleStory 2 closed beta 2 date

MapleStory 2 closed beta 2 date

Nexon America has just announced the date of the Closed Beta 2 for MapleStory 2, after the successful first beta. The Maple World will open its doors once again on July 18, 2018, closing them on August 1. This will give you two full weeks to try the game and the new content that is coming with the second beta.

MapleStory 2 will feature a new battle royale mode (I'm not joking) called Mushking Royale, which we already talked about from the Korean version. This mode will be available in the closed beta 2 during one weekend only, running from July 20 through July 22. 50 players are going to battle to see who will be the one left standing, and it will include features such as hiding in bushes, climbing on walls, jumping through obstacles and even raising your character's strength by defeating creatures. Cosmetic items will reward the winners when the official launch happens.

“We’ve been listening to the community and taking their feedback very seriously,” said Jungsoo Lee, President of Nexon America. “As we implement new content, changes, and stress test the servers for MapleStory 2, a second Closed Beta will ensure fans will have the best experience possible at launch.”

If you still don't have a key for MapleStory 2, you should register at the official site and you may get lucky. Nexon will be running several events to offer keys as well, including social media events on the official @PlayMaple2 Twitter channel, a website tournament running from July 2 to July 12, and even a Razer partnership.

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