Noah’s Heart global beta test sign-ups are now open

Noah's Heart global beta test

The next game from the makers of Dragon Raja, Noah's Heart, is about to begin its first global closed beta test. The Noah's Heart English version will have its first test in December, with limited spots available for players who sign up on the official website.

You can sign up for the Noah's Heart global beta test in one of three tiers- or even in all of them, if you qualify for it: Explorer, Pioneer, and Envoy. There are increasing rewards for each tier, with the first one being your standard sign-up, the second one requiring a social media share, and the third one being aimed at media representatives and content creators with over 10,000 subscribers.

Noah's Heart global beta test

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The Noah's Heart global beta test start date is December 21, 2021, with the test running until December 27. Nearly a week to see what this MMORPG for Android and iOS has to offer, and we already know a thing or two about it.

For starters, there's the promise of a fully-fledged open world with seamless navigation. You can explore the entire world without barriers, unlike Dragon Raja which was divided into regions. You can use a transportation system to move faster between areas, but there are mounts as well.

Noah's Heart has a weather system that covers the four seasons, and you can comfortably switch weapons to adapt to your playstyle. Some choices include sword and shield, dual blades, bow, and polearm. As for the gacha, you summon characters that apparently are called Phantoms, and you can enhance them to give you additional buffs and help you in battle.

Noah's Heart has a focus on survival, so there are a few professions for you to explore. Called Occupations, you may become an expert Tailor, Craftsman, or Masterchef and help your village thrive. Fans of Dragon Raja will surely compare these to the accomplished professions in that game.

The big twist here is that the planet of Noah is a realistic virtual world designed by a cryptic entity known as Cube. We'll see how this sci-fi aspect ties into a game that looks more like a fantasy MMORPG than anything else. It does look great, thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 4.

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