Tower of Fantasy release date revealed for China, Global next?

What is the Tower of Fantasy Release Date

Tower of Fantasy is the anticipated anime MMORPG for Android and iOS, coming from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Perfect World Games. It was announced not too long ago and after a couple of closed betas, it is now prepped for release. The development studio has announced the much awaited Tower of Fantasy release date, and just as expected, it is launching in China first, with the global release surely coming at a later date. Are you waiting for this game with as much hype as we are?

What is the Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

Tower of Fantasy release date

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The Tower of Fantasy English release date is what most players are expecting, but right now we have to settle for the Chinese launch plans. The Tower of Fantasy China release date is right around the corner: December 16, 2021.

While this may come as a disappointment for English players eager to try this game, it is good news. It means that while part of the development team focuses on stabilizing the recently launched game, other staff will invest its time and resources in localization for the global market. There's no official confirmation yet for a global release, but it is highly likely to happen, unless the game turns out to be incredibly broken and a commercial failure – something that doesn't seem to be the case.

Tower of Fantasy started by capturing everyone's attention due to its colorful anime characters and a canny resemblance to miHoYo's blockbuster Genshin Impact. While on the surface the characters may share some traits and combat has this similar flashy and action-based style to it as well, Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG, making it a different beast altogether.

But there are more features making it stand out from Genshin Impact. To begin with, there are no set characters or classes, you are what weapon you choose to use. This allows you to switch playstyles whenever you feel like, since it's the weapons that shape your game, not the initial character.

Other major difference is the Tower of Fantasy character creation. You have a robust character customization system allowing you to choose the gender and tweak many facial and body options. It's in-depth enough so that you can make a fairly unique character, avoiding going into the game world as just another clone.

We could describe Tower of Fantasy in more detail, including the housing system and PvP features, but we'll leave that for a future hands-on. For now, just like you, we're waiting for the Tower of Fantasy global release date.

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